Monday, February 27, 2012


Nope, there was not really snowshoeing. I mean, we did spend a day walking around a nordic ski area in snowshoes, and Grafton Ponds is quite pretty ... but when you have to go off trail just to follow the tiny bit of snow there is on the ground so that you will still, technically be snowshoeing rather than mud shoeing, it is a tad depressing.

Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoyed the day anyway ... I mean, we went with Jen and Volkan and their wonderful dog Maddie, so we had great company, and the Grafton Ponds area is gorgeous. But when you snowshoe, you want to feel like the snowshoes allow you to get to some forbidden place, somewhere you could not get to without them, somewhere wild and isolated and magical ... this did not feel like that.

Nope, this was snowshoeing on man-made snow ... then rest of the weekend, the quirky, angular and semi-bizarre hotel, the cheese tasting, the wonderful dinner on Friday night at Solo, the random, iced over, abbreviated hike in Jamaica state park on Sunday, lunch and shopping at the Brattleboro co-op, these things were all good ... but the snowshoeing, which was kind of the purpose for the weekend, that was a dud. 

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