Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oahu - SNIP 18

You've gotta be happy when a conference decides to be held in a location that is essentially a vacation destination ... so when the Society for Neuroimmune Pharmacology decided to hold its 18th annual conference in Honolulu, I was quite pleased.

Aviva was ecstatic.

So after waiting a long time for this trip to happen, and busting my ass for months to get a lot of work done ahead of the trip, we are now in Honolulu, where we will spend 4 days before skipping over to Kauai for another five days in paradise (so I hear).

So far, its pretty nice ... a lot of conference, but still enough opportunities to get out and see the see, enjoy the sushi (the food is fantastic, so much ahi) and even to hike up to Loa Ridge through the ohi`a-koa-akia forest - the hike was spectacular, and my photos do not do it justice. It was like hiking in a very steep, very slick Japanese garden. 

 Below are a few pictures from the conference and the hike. Pictures of Kauai will be forthcoming.

Dionna, Tina, Joan and Cheo at the Thursday afternoon poster session at SNIP. 

PJ & Loreto at the Poster session. 

Tina joyfully explaining her data.

PJ discussing how to run an entry assay. 

The view from our hotel room at the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki.

Morning on Waikiki beach, about 5 minutes from our hotel. 

Sunrise over Diamondhead.

Waikiki beach. 

Cheo triumphantly climbing one of the first hills in Loa Ridge. This was a bit premature as there were several more, all of which were much bigger. 

Up into the clouds ... this is what the trail was like for the last 1/4 of the hike as we ascended the ridge into the thick fog. 

Looking down the steep ascent from the top of Loa Ridge.

Ropes were necessary for he ascent due to the slick mud and very steep drop-offs on the sides of the trail. 

Cheo, Aviva and I enjoying the hike. 

A view down the valley before the fog rolled in ... Honolulu is truly gorgeous. 

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