Monday, April 30, 2012

Pools of Molokea

So we just got to Kauai last night. The flight from Oahu was more like a really long jump, we were only in the air for about 15 minutes it seemed.

The airport was tiny, and the surrounding village even more so, but tiny in a quaint, attractive way. The person we were renting from picked us up at the airport ... actually just drove up and gave us her truck ... and off we drove, to get groceries, lunch and then settle in. The rental is awesome, really beautiful and close to some fabulous hikes, and the proprietors are fantastic, giving us all kinds of info about the island.

After getting set up and prepping some food, we headed over to the Pools of Molokea for a short afternoon hike along the coast. The pools were gorgeous, and much more extensive than we thought, stretching about a mile along the shore after fording small stream on the beach.

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