Friday, June 29, 2012

Fathers Day at Storm King

So this year, for fathers day, we were in NY, so the time with my Dad is going to have to wait until we see him in Banff in a month, and in September when I am in California for the catecholamine meeting. But since we were here, we were lucky enough to be able to spend the day at Storm King Art Center with Eric and Rhonda (my aunt and uncle) and my cousin Julia.

We were thrilled to go, because we had been wanting to get up to Storm King for quite some time, and with a perfect summer day, the place did not disappoint. It was really beautiful, especially seeing such titanic and interesting pieces of art in such a beautiful setting. Just reading about it I had not realized how important the setting would be, but the pieces were placed so well, they simply enhanced the landscape ....

My personal favorite was Andy Goldsworthy's undulating wall, which moved down a hill winding its way between groves of trees, then into and out of a small lake, but the three legged Buddha, the giant tree stump and the benches made out of nickels and quarters were also awesome. Some pix of the pieces are below - such a fantastic place.

The day ended with a very good meal at Xaviars Bully Boy Bar in Congers ... a great day.

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