Saturday, July 21, 2012

Worth the wait

So, yet again I have not posted in what seems like forever, but this time I have a very, very exciting reason. We (Aviva and myself), have been on media lockdown for the last few months because we haven't not wanted to let anyone know that we are going to have a baby until the time was right.

(I know, there should be all kinds of emoticons and exclamation points here, but really, just know we are absolutely thrilled)

Yup, a baby, great news I know. As of today, Aviva is about 17 weeks in, and baby G is happy, healthy and about the size of a turnip. Its got no issues, nice looking arms and makes gurgling sounds at night before going to sleep.

Or maybe the gurgling sounds are just Aviva's belly acting up.

Anyway, here is the first media appearance of baby G


Aviva said...

I love you!!! :)

Hana said...

JupĂ­ , Congratulation!!!!!