Friday, October 05, 2012

Boothbay Harbor (and incidently, my birthday)

For my birthday this year we went to a wedding. On September 29th, one of Avivas good friends from the hospital that she worked at after RISD got married in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. As my birthday is the 30th, we happened to be in Maine on my birthday, and to celebrate, we ate a lot of good food and did a little hiking.

So on the way up to Maine, we stayed at our friends Ilana's parents house in Massachusetts. It is a beautiful house on a small lake, and in addition to being a gorgeous setting, staying there let us catch up with Ilana's parents, who we love. The next day, we stopped in Kittery for lunch and ate at Warrens lobster house - mmmm, super chowder (clams, lobster, crab, scallops) - and a single beer, which got me reasonably tipsy. Must be getting old.

Boothbay was beautiful, and while there for the wedding, we managed to get a hike in at a Oven's Mouth Preserve, a beautiful little preserve surrounded by an inlet in the interior of the peninsula.

We also ate well - ribs & chowder, lobster omelets, steamed lobster and the piece de resistance, lobster mac n' cheese. Cannot even tell you how fabulous this was, particularly after a rainy hike ... Mac n' cheese with ritz crackers and a whole lobster. Mmmmm .....  Oh, and the pound cake that Aviva baked and brought for my birthday.

And, almost as a sidenote (although that was the ostensible reason for the trip) the wedding was pretty awesome as well. Aviva signed the ketubah and we got to see a truly huge and joyous family get together.

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