Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eli Gabriel Howe

So last weekend, Aviva and I went down to Philly to attend the Bris for Rachel & Larrys new son, Eli Gabriel Howe. It was a really nice weekend, as we got to spend a lot of time with them before the Bris, taking the kids to a Halloween magic show at a local park (the balloon animals and swords were a hit), eating dinner together and just hanging out and helping them out with stuff. I think we all value that kind of intimate time. I know I do. 



And of course the Bris was really nice, Eli Gabriel is named after a dear friend of Bucky & Tanyas and Larrys brother Gabriel. The ceremony was small (Monday morning) and long, but Larry sang a beautiful song to begin with, everyone spoke well, I got to carry the baby!!! and Eli handled the whole surgery very easily. Overall a wonderful ceremony and a really joyful weekend.

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