Sunday, November 11, 2012

Enter Zayde

So my father has decided that he wants our son to know him as Zayde, so my stepmother Peg will be Bubbie. This weekend, Zayde came to visit us ... or more accurately, my father came to visit Aviva and his future grandson. I am currently a bit superfluous :)

He got in Thursday morning, made it up here by himself on public transit and went with Aviva to a doctors appointment, where he got to hear Baby G's heartbeat on the doppler. He and Aviva made dinner and we all hung out that night. On Friday he spent the morning with Aviva while I was at work, then we cooked and baked in the afternoon, went to services and had Shabbat dinner with our friends Jen, Volkan and their new son Nathan.

Then, on Saturday, we putzed around in the morning, and spent the afternoon in New Paltz, eating at a wonderful, cute restaurant in New Paltz called The Village TeaRoom (wonderful turkey pot pie), before walking across the Hudson on the elevated Walkway Over the Hudson pedestrian park. We ended the day touring Phelps Hospital, where we are going to give birth to Baby G, and then eating chinese from Hunan Kitchen, the ordinary yet delicious chinese restaurant down the street.

On Sunday, Aviva spent the day in the city at a leadership meeting while my Dad and I walked around Tarrytown Lakes and ate lunch at Mint, a high-end grocery/restaurant in Tarrytown, before taking him to the airport. Overall a wonderful weekend, full of good food and family. What could be better?

 Zayde meets Baby G for the first time!!


Baking Pies with Dad.

 At the Village TeaRoom.


 On the Walkway over the Hudson.

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