Saturday, December 01, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

So this year for thanksgiving we were back in Cherry Hill with the Buchmans, for another relatively raucous and certainly enjoyable holiday. Being that Aviva was 8.5 months pregnant, we drove down on Tuesday night to avoid the traffic, and amazingly we only had to stop once. The holiday was, as always, a bit chaotic but full of smiles, nachas and good food. On the Wednesday, Aviva and I both got new iPhone 5s, which has completely changed my life as my previous phone was a "dumb" phone, only good for phone calls. Having a computer that you can talk to in your pocket is totally amazing, and although it sounds ridiculous I will say the iPhone is changing my life (Dave wins this  round). 

This year has had some big ups - Rachel & Larry had a new baby, Josh got a new job, Aviva got licensed as a therapist, Aviva and I will have a baby very soon ... and also some really hard stuff, Debbie's mother passed away in January and Larry's brother-in-law Kevin passed away just a few weeks ago. They are both remembered often and with great affection. During dinner, and throughout the day, I think that we all thought of all the great and hard things that happened,  remembered the people we lost and I think we were all very grateful for each others presence and the love we all share - I for one think we have a pretty good thing going here and am thankful that all the people in the pictures below have become such an integral and important part of my life.

This year Na'amah helped me take pictures (and did a wonderful job), which was awesome because I am even in a few :) 

Aviva adores beets ... even those the size of small rats that end up as beet salad. 

So yeah, I am pregnant ... Whats it to yah?

But when Baby G comes out Eli will be waiting to play with him ...

Fourth (or fifth?) rendition of the famous blah, blah, blah hymn by Dylan and that old dude ...

 Typical holiday chaos

Marley is growing up really fast

 Geri was not around this holiday, but aprons her aunt made for all the ladies inspired a number of great photos and bizarre antics ...


Extraordinarily rare footage of Tanya relaxing after another well-executed holiday. 

Late night jam session after the meal courtesy of Josh and Larry ... most welcome by everyone, hopefully it becomes a holiday tradition ...


 The most interesting man in the world

Samara made desert

 As always, there was wonderful food ...


... and good wine. 

To be honest, I am not sure what is happening here ...

.. but I know Joey loved it.

 A loving family is something to be thankful for


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