Monday, January 21, 2013

Shabbat with the Fishers

So last week, Soren was 3 weeks old. Time is moving so fast, its kind of incredible. Not that he does all that much more than last week, or the week before, but little things are different. He can almost hold his head up, he does not cry as much during tummy time, he is a bit fuller, with more musculature in his legs and arms .... its crazy.

You can see him growing, by the day. 

Anyway, one of the most fun parts of having a baby, other than the baby (which really blows everything else away), is the seemingly constant stream of visitors we have been privileged to have every since we got home. It is so great, we feel so loved and so blessed by our massive, wonderful extended family and friends here.

The visits continued last Friday, when the Jane & Glenn and Dan & Karla came for shabbat dinner. We got sushi from Tsuru, it was great, as usual (added benefit of the baby - lots of take. Particular added benefit when the local take out sushi is excellent).

It was so wonderful to see them. The fishers are family, and to see them with my son was simply wonderful - and as always, to see the people I love really loving my family (because everyone loves Aviva, she is simply fantastic) is totally great. Soren just multiplies the feeling I already had with Aviva. Plus it had been too long since we all got to hang out, and it was just good and easy. We all had a wonderful night together and I cannot wait to see them all again

As an added bonus, Glenn and Dan are both fans of Scotch, and since I happen to have a few bottles of Scotch lying around, we had an impromptu tasting. Glenn enjoys the smokier Scotches, so the Laphroaig, the Hakushu, the Benriach (Heart of Speyside) and the Highland Park made an appearance. For Dan, who prefers my style, sampled the Blair Athol, the organic Benromach, and 3 Balvenies, the 15 year, the 17 year finished in a Jamaican Rum cask, and the 21 year old Portwood finish. We also had some of my new Black Maple Hill bourbon, and of course we had some of the 20 year Glenrothes my father-in-law loves. Mmmm, Scotch. 

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