Saturday, May 04, 2013

Have our lives devolved?

So I realize that over that last few months my blog has been devoted far more to Soren and his development than to the other things happening in our lives - but frankly, not too much has gone on in our lives beyond the baby ... at least it seems that way.

Good things are happening at work for both of us, but nothing to write home about at this time ... and it seems like things are going to move a bit slower for both of us in the near future.  I have been able to swim a lot and Aviva is walking a bunch because she is only at work 3 days a week.

And otherwise ... thats it. At least during the week. Weekends are generally packed with seeing friends and family (we have seen a ton of my aunt and uncle, I think my aunt is his favorite person outside of me and Aviva), and for me work on Sunday morning - Aviva often goes to yoga with Soren.

The real casualty of the baby is all the other stuff that we used to do, most of it is not happening any more. We go to bed pretty early (around 830 or 9 pm) and get up pretty early (around 530 or 600 am), and spend most of the day either working, driving Soren to/from daycare and putting him to bed. We get about 45 minutes at night after he falls asleep, and sometimes we can watch a show while he is nursing ...

But this is not meant to be a complaint, it is just a statement of reality. I cannot say that neither Aviva or I have said "Is this it?" or wondered what became of all our time together ... but this is the way it is for just right now, and to be completely frank, Soren is awesome and even if it did feel like we traded our lives for our kid (which it doesn't - at least not most of the time), we would be coming out way ahead.

I definitely hope that more stuff will happen for me to blog about in the near future, I did recently attend a wonderful Scotch dinner in the city, and we are going out to Crabtrees' Kittle House next weekend with Aviva's parents. And in the summer there are weddings and bachelor parties and family and camping ... so life will go on and expand.

But for now its been all about Soren, and while that time may be passing I am not sure either Aviva or I really want it to end just yet.

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