Thursday, February 27, 2014


So that is what I have been ... MIA. I had a blog all set on Sorens 1st birthday, another on my cousins wedding (those are both from December) and then a couple more. Soren is walking now, and babbling and he is still fantastically adorable ... but I have not told any of you about it. Whats the deal?

Well, the deal is that we decided it was time to buy a new house. And that it was time for me to write an R01 (very large grant which will allow me to get a job as a professor ... we hope). And that it was time for Aviva to get her private practice rolling (it is doing quite well thanks).

So .... all that is happening. And will continue to be happening for the next two or three months, before things finally settle down. But come May, or June, when we are in our new house (fingers crossed) and the grant is done (fingers and toes crossed) and Aviva is settled in with a couple of clients and settled schedule (fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed) ... then I will be back and writing.

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