Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Long time coming

I think that is about what I said in the last post too. Well, it is certainly true this time ... haven't posted for 8 months. There are reasons, but truthfully they probably don't matter because if you are reading this it is likely you already know them ..

But if by some chance you are reading this and you have not spoken to me recently, I have basically been tied up writing my first R01, buying a house and moving, and raising a kid.

The grant was submitted on May 7th, I found out in July that I didn't get it but that I got a pretty good score for my first try. I am already well into the resubmission, a lot of work but it should go in for January 7th if all goes well.

The house was purchased with much sturm and drang on June 13th, Wells Fargo be damned, and moving has been a process but the big stuff was done by later in June. Still, the adjustment to living in a new place and getting everything settled is really something else.

And the house is awesome, so I can't really complain.

The kid, well, he is a beast. I mean it, he is a giant kid - 35 pounds and in 4T pajamas but only 20 months old. I love the bejeezus out of him though.

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