Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Buttermilk Falls ... the one in Nyack

So last weekend, Aviva and I met up with Cheo and his kids and we headed off to find a waterfall. We had wanted to go on a longer hike, but things have been pretty busy recently so we only had the afternoon. I had been looking around to find a hike in the nearby trail, and came upon Buttermilk falls. Now this is not the Buttermilk Falls in New Jersey, nor is it the Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca. This one is in Nyack, pretty close to the Bronx and just a stones throw away from the Palisades mall.

It was kind of a trip to find this pristine little area so close to a giant temple to comsumerism, but it was quite refreshing. We parked in the small lot, and headed up through the bare, somewhat ice-covered woods. We hiked about one and a half miles up, Cheo older son starting strong and then complaining his way up the hill. At the top, we looked out and saw the mall, got lost a bit and then found the blue fletched trail and headed down toward where we expected the falls to be.

We heard the falls before we saw them, and then slowly came upon them from the top, a long ribbon of white cutting through the brown landscape. They were a lot bigger than I had thought they would be given the location so close to so many houses and the mall. We followed the trail down around the falls, and then cut back across the branch covered ground between the trail and the falls to get to the base. The falls were beautiful, a half-frozen column of white coulds impressed on the brown landscape, and we spent a good 45 minutes standing in the rain taking pictures. I have to say, Aviva was very patient with me, although I think it helped that she was able to play with Cheo's kids. After a long while, but not long enough to get all the pictures I want (I never really get all the pictures I want) we headed back to the car and headed back to the Bronx, a wonderful, short diversion for the day.

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