Sunday, February 22, 2009

Too much Bacon

Bacon guacamole. Bacon ice cream. Plain Jane bacon. Bacon coated in brown sugar and baked in chocolate. Beer-battered bacon. Bacon wrapped scallops. Bacon wrapped jalapenos filled with neuchatel cheese. And lots of liquor (of which I did not partake because I was driving) ... this makes a bacon party, which is exactly what we attended yesterday evening at Abby's place in Williamsberg. I have mentioned Abby before, she is one of Aviva's super cute, ridiculously talented artsy friends from RISD who both slightly intimidate and slightly confuse me. But I have gotten to spend more time with Abby recently, and she is great, so we were psyched to be able to attend our first bacon fest.

Aviva spent the whole day out at a bridal expo at Oheka castle, and I headed down to Brooklyn to once again school Koffman in racquetball ... which I did (lifetime record vs. Koffman 10 - 0). After racquetball we stopped by fairway to pick up the components for our bacon dishes, bacon guacamole and bacon wrapped scallops. After cooking and steeping ourselves in the aura of bacon for several hours, Koffman and I headed over to Abbys with our bacon.

Upon arrival, Abby pinned us with pig tails and directed us to the kitchen where we set up our dishes. We put them out with the other fabulous bacon dishes, drank the requisite shots and went about the evening. We enjoyed the pork pictures all over the walls, hung out and devoured copious amount of pork. My dish was very popular, but for my money Koffmans bacon guacamole was the best, and everyone loved Aviva and Abbys' chocolate covered bacon. Abby continually made the rounds, filling peoples cups with various shots, smiling and generally hostessing quite well. We ended up leaving around 1 am, late for us but apparently early for the party ... when we left the bacon infused bourbon had not yet arrived. The party was great ... although I have to admit that anytime I get to sit on a couch eating bacon surrounded by drunk women dressed like pigs who are also eating bacon is a pretty good time.

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