Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh, Canada

So last weekend, Aviva and I met up with my Dad and Peg in the Canadian Rockies, spending a couple of days in Banff. Its the first time that my parents got to see Aviva since she got pregnant, and they were so excited to see her and the baby belly - she is about 5 months now and baby G is still perfectly healthy and right on track.

We had been looking forward to this for a long time, and now that Aviva is pregnant this trip was extra special because it was going to be our last significant getaway before the baby comes. Plus, Banff is awesome - I have wanted to go back since I stopped there with Ryan on my road trip across the continent when I moved to New York.

And the trip turned out great. Peg picked a fabulous place to stay, Rimrock resort, nestled in the mountains above Banff, right next to the Upper Hot Springs. We went hiking each, at least my father and I did, Aviva and Peg spent Thursday at the spa while my dad and I were hiking to Bow Glacier Falls, up past Lake Louise on the Icefields Parkway. Friday was Upper and Lower Johnston Falls, and on Saturday we walked along the shore of Lake Louise, and then my Dad and I continued up towards the Plain of Six Glaciers while Peg and Aviva went back and got some lunch at the Fairmont Resort. 

And every day, after the hike we went to a great meal. For such a small town, Banff also has a lot of great restaurants - with the emphasis on meat, a lot of bison, venison and local Alberta beef. My favorite place was The Maple Leaf Grill, where I had once of the best pieces of meat I have ever eaten, a bison prime rib with an escargot & roasted tomato sauce. The elk meatball appetizer and my fathers maple and mustard salmon were also fantastic. The Bison, where I had a spectacular venison medallion and we had some amazing tuna carpacchio. And Nourish, where we had a variety of totally fascinating vegetarian dishes incorporating tons of fruits and veggies, like felafel with red pepper, strawberries, sprouts and cranberries. 

Overall, a fabulous, fabulous trip - great bonding time with the family and some pre-birth baby bonding with our upcoming Bubbie and Zayde. 

Below are some pix from our trip ...

View from our hotel

The Rimrock Resort at night

Bow Glacier Falls

Bow Lake from the falls

Cairns along the trail to Bow Glacier Falls

Bow River flowing away from the Glacier

Dad and I in front of Bow Glacier

Bow Lake

Crowfoot Glacier

Bow River in Banff

Family in front of Lower Johnston Falls

Upper Johnston Falls

Waterfalls along Johnston Creek 

Pathway in Johnston Canyon

Johnston Creek

Lower Johnston Falls

Lake Louise

Fam on the way to the Plain of Six Glaciers

Waterfall below Victoria Glacier

Victoria Glacier

At Lake Louise

Evening in Banff

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