Friday, December 05, 2014

Holiday Musings and Thanksgiving in Sharon

I get together with my family a couple of times of year, this last year it was Passover, 4th of July, Rosh Hashanah and now Thanksgiving ... and we will be getting together for Winterfest - a name of my own devising, it will be something like a combination of late Hanukkah and winter birthdays. During each of these holidays, we all stay together under one roof, be it in Cherry Hill, NJ, Sharon, MA or, now that we have a house, Eastchester, NY.

Its nice ... really, really, really nice. I can't say that I ever imagined I would like my family so much that I would want to spend this much time together ... but I gotta say, its pretty great. I mean, I can't say it is all stress free, but I can say that the stress is absolutely worth it.

Especially now that the cousins are all growing up, seeing them all play together is truly a magical thing. Thanksgiving, which we spent at Josh and Debbie's in Sharon, MA, was the first holiday we have been to since Soren was born where it really felt like he was old enough to interact with his cousins. Even though not everyone was there - Rachel, Larry, Dylan, Joey and Eli stayed in Philly and Marley is away at college - Soren had an absolute blast playing with Samara and Tal.

Then when we got back, we took Soren to see the annual train show at the NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx with our friend Jen. Nathan is Soren's best friend and their interaction is so fantastic I do not have the adjectives, but believe me they are awesome together. 

Overall the holiday was great, and it was quieter and less chaotic than other have been, those not with us were definitely missed.

This was also the first holiday in a long time that I forgot my camera, but fortunately iPhones have excellent cameras ... here are a couple of the pictures and videos from Thanksgiving. I would have you all know that other things happened at this holiday aside from Soren playing with his cousins, Aviva and myself ... but frankly adults are so much less interesting to photograph ...

At the amazing childrens museum in Easton 

On a walk with Aviva and I, attempting to appreciate the tiny amount of snow

 With Tal and Samara

 Soren and Tal playing together.

 With his best friend Nathan at the train show at the San Diego Zoo on the Sunday after we got back.

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